+++++ march-april 2023: +++++


So here we go. After an era of private shows for selected guests only, the beamen ensemble finally goes public. It's illustrious members have played the treadmills of high culture as well as the european counter culture underground. Members of the collective come from theater, film and music. The youngest is nine the oldest over sixty. This time you can see a show by ensemble founder Michaela Hurdes-Galli, nix/GELD. Scroll down to June 2010 and you'll see where it comes from. It's a remake. Lonesome Andi Haller playing twelve year old boy Timmi.
In german. Only one show - good gracious! Get your tickets soon. Quirky, funny, it's all about money.

beamen.ensemble präsentiert nix/GELD - SA.23.03.2024 - 19:30 - TheaterArche, Wien

+++++ march-april 2023: +++++

Fit For Future

FIT FOR FUTURE yea, we're running till the end of time. Crawling around in the shady valley of the 50 plus years. Run, run, run, before the old melancholia gets you. If you wonder, what all that looks like. If you want to see how Magda, Claudia and Andi get a sweatin'. If you are into sports, broken poetry, geriatrics, chants and popsongs, here you are. That's where you can get into the flow.

Tickets - DO.30.03.2023 - FR.31.03.23 - SA.01.04.23
WUK, Währinger Strasse 59, 1090 Wien

+++++ june 2022: +++++

ZERO CRASH - King Kapu

Back in the cinema - ZERO CRASH. For all of you, who missed it at its release in 2016. How Aliens crash the market and save us all. An anti-melodram. A subcultural post-arthouse film. A pow wow about some possible imperfections in our money system. A flick about billions shot with almost nothing. Far out, wry and colorful entertainment that dares to smile in spite of it all.

Come and see

Trailer and all that great stuff

Get your tickets - Top Kino, 1060 Wien

FR.24.06.2022 - 18:00
MI.29.06.2022 - 20:15

+++++ october 2021: +++++

Grischka Voss does it again in the post-lockdown theater arena. All you want to hear about the organs that make us do the strangest things and the rest that's more or less connected to it. Sexy music by Lonesome Andi Haller, including two songs, hey! Don't miss

Bulletproof Reloaded, Theater Drachengasse, Wien
11.10. - 23.10.2021, Tue-Sat, 20:00

in German language

+++++ january 2020: +++++


Pretty Pussy, Vulvaland, when Amanda gets going, she takes us from the Stone Age to genital plasic surgery. Frank and free in her colorful language she doesn't spare one of her many lovers in her wry comments. She just loves to have sex but, man, can men be a drag. Can you be a sexually hyperactive woman in the 21st century without getting hurt? Come and see how Grischka Voss deals with genitals, body fluids and human behaviour in a joyfully hilarious 90 minute rant, see her dance what words can't say. Gripping music by Lonesome Andi Haller. Make your vulva smile and laugh your balls off in

Bulletproof, Theater Drachengasse, Wien
13.01 - 08.02.2020, Tue-Sat, 20:00

in German language

+++++ october 2019: +++++

Logo xterkyu

*** NEW *** on this spectacular reign of never ending pleasure and totally free edutainment, here on the turf of xterkyu: - !!!!! THE JUKEBOX HAS OPENED AGAIN !!!!! - Who needs the internet giants? We all do somehow, I'm afraid. But if you think making the planet a good place and raising share holder value don't always go together well - Hey! Here's your alternative.

Buy your music at the source. In our JUKEBOX you can not only listen to 64 of our finest tracks but you can also download them. Streaming is free and downloading is pay-as-you-wish. No digital copy protection, no obnoxious ads. Paypal and various cards accepted. Now that's what we call thinking BIG here at xterkyu. Enjoy!

+++++ november 2017 +++++

MS Stadt Wien

When fringe theater group toxic dreams celebrate their 20th birthday, they fill a boat with crazy souls and cruise the Danube River. Rumors go about 53 people shebanging it out on this floating stage vessel. DO WHALES DREAM OF TASTY SHARKS? Guess who's on board singing songs of eternal longing, yeah right, LAH and the ever bewitching Irene Coticchio! If you're still not afraid, come and get seasick with us

Sat 18. Nov. - MS Stadt Wien - Anlegestelle Reichsbrücke, Handelskai 265 - boarding 19:30 - pay as you wish!

+++++ july 2016 +++++

Bing Selfish and The Multiverts Studio Bing Selfish and The Multiverts

Out now: The fabulously pscykadelick album In the Morning We Glow and in the Evening We Glow Again by Bing Selfish and the Multiverts. Bass plucking and choir singing Multivert: Lonesome AH, you see?

Get it at bandcamp or at CD baby

+++++ november 2015 +++++

Zero Crash Still

Yes, filmmaking is a hefty activity and that's what's been happening for the last years here.
Now. Look! It's a film!! Soon it will be finished. A Trailer is already online.

A defiantly genre-hopping lo-fi sci-fi adventure about how Aliens crash the market and save us all. Keep your eyes open for it to appear on festivals and in your local screening house. Or better: Hop over to the website and subscribe to the newsletter, so you will get the news about release dates in your inbox.

ZERO CRASH - official film website

+++++ march 2013 +++++

Nowadays there are many ways to part with your money. Choose the most elegant one: Our feature film ZERO CRASH has entered the crowd-funding stage. UPDATE: Funding is closed - thanks to all you glorious funders!!!

Bird.Shit.Island Poster Nauru Island

Intrepid followers! Follow us to a pacific island, where shit turned gold and back again. And that in the sacred form of OPERA, yes, the institution of high culture in the musical hands of LAH, great spirits of the sea, help me!!! Bird.Shit.Island - A new show by the bernhard ensemble, opening the 2013 OUT OF CONTROL Festival come and prick up your ears on our island of dreams!

Premiere 5.4.2013 - tickets and all dates: OFF Theater, Wien

+++++ august 2012 +++++

ACHT.zehn.EINHALB Poster

Time to spread some pleasant news. Good times are approaching. Yay!! LAH has joined the Bernhard Ensemble/Wien to play more theater of the fearless and entertaining kind. First show will be: ACHT.zehn.EINHALB (18 1/2) - loosely based on a very special italian film director's work.

Premiere 9.10.2012 - OFF Theater, Wien

Preparations for the full-length feature film ZERO CRASH are steaming up. A musical satire about one of our favourite topics - the money system. Expect it to open your mind, expect to see strange things coming out of the fog of finance mumble jumble, expect it to be just great!!
Shooting is expected to start 2013

+++++ november 2011 +++++

As the elite is mumbling, gasping and hollering EUROCRISIS!!! all over the place it's time for us to ask our financial experts here at xterkyu for some insights into that damn complicated mess. Here's what they say:


We are witnessing no less than the breakdown of an intrinsically unstable and unsustainable monetary system. All the actions taken so far are not addressing the core problems. Seems like there was something to be learned from the vulture funds' ways to make profits from distressed debt. We recommend their Loan to own strategy to distressed states who have to deal with distressed banks in the current sovereign debt crisis.

How? Stop the halfwitted repair attemts, let the market do it's thing and very soon most private financial institutions will be in desperate need of help. Now, instead of just bailing them out we should LOAN TO OWN them. More money to rescue banks? Yeah, but put them under control of the only true sovereign in a democracy - the public. That accomplished all over the Eurozone we can go ahead and make shiny bald heads: a generous multilateral 100% haircut clearing all debt held by the then public banks. Hey, it's quite virtual anyway, all this money isn't it? - What would we win? Prosperity? Democracy? Stability? Who knows. What would we loose? A lot of doubtful numbers in books

Thank's guys, we say. Fascinating. Keep up the good work!

+++++ february 2011 +++++

BASIC SURVIVAL the unstoppable trans-elektro-punk performance is on tour again. See what can be done with the wildly underestimated artform One-man-musiKal and why even extraterrestrians think that capitalism is not so hot any more

Wed 16.2.2011 - Festival Motel Nirvana - ROTE FABRIK, Zürich, Switzerland

+++++ january 2011 +++++

Logo Global Globe TV

Very appropriate for the theme in Davos 2011 "Shared Norms for a New Reality" we here at xterkyu share the norm of precognitive moral with the interested public, presenting a reality that is so new, that it hasn't really happened yet in our new streaming-TV magazine GLOBAL GLOBE. Watch this interesting interview with George Liquid on How the financial crisis reshapes itself - Davos 2011 which was recorded already a few days before it actually took place.

+++++ october 2010 +++++

Coco y Raya Flyer

Good idea!!! Hörprobe, a series of 20 minute concerts, hosted by Zsofia Boros, where the artists are invited to choose the next act. And the promoter just goes with it.

Here come COCO Y RAYA, nut and line, cranium and crease, a new duo from the backyards, where She is standing on the moon and He in a puddle of beer. Along to their Ukuleles they sing songs smelling of fish and having flies buzzing over the pale smiles of scattered melon peels. Show them your teeth on

Sat 16.10. 21.00 Hörprobe im NERUDA, Margaretenstr.38, 1040 Wien www.neruda.at

+++++ june 2010 +++++

NixGeld Foto1 NixGeld Foto2

Its all about money ain't it. nix/GELD deals with it in the theater. Ethics prosthetics virtual values and evil truths. Get youself intrigued sweethearts. Times are changing. Catch Lonesome Andi Haller on stage in this production also starring Manfred Baschiera, Pippa Galli, Joseph Reichelt and Michaela Hurdes-Galli, who directs this fabulous show. There will be changing Guests from Economics, Politics, Banking, NGOs, Culture and Media, who will discuss with us on stage, including Stephan Schulmeister, Florian Scheuba, Anneliese Rohrer und Ute Bock. For actual list of guests for every night - check the link above

21.-26.6. 20:00 Palais Kabelwerk, Oswaldgasse 35a, 1120 Wien

+++++ may 2010 +++++

Unstrument Still 1 Unstrument Still 2

Estreno!!! Premiere!!! - The new and first feature-length film by Libre Albedrío: THE UNSTRUMENT.

Watch the Trailer

Spice up your inner self and be there to mingle with the illustrious cast and have your cinematic experience expanded by this detective story with it´s special avant-garde music twist!!

28.5. Humanfuzz, Carrer Radas 41, Poble Sec, Barcelona - two showings 18:30 and 20:30

+++++ april 2010 +++++

Basic Survival Foto


8.-11.4. Theater im Schokohof - Berlin, Ackerstr. 169/170, 10115 Berlin, täglich 20:00

30.4. Münchner Volkstheater - Tanz in den Mai - Brienner Strasse 50, München, 21:30

Achtung!!! - Golden Pudel Club - Hamburg - verschoben

more to come, stay tuned, stay awake, checkitout folks!

+++++ june - september 2009 +++++

Transmitter Poster

Upcoming and uplifting, boneshaking musik, brainscattering words:

The Babyzithers at the KlangTurmFest - 18.6. KLANGTURM, St.Pölten, Austria, 21:15

Special filmnight in Barcelona: All our Libre Albedrío Shorts and a new El Frenzy Short are shown - 19.6.09 Humanfuzz, Carrer Radas 41, Poble Sec, Barcelona, 20:00

BASIC SURVIVAL is part of a great lineup at the Transmitter Festival - 3.9. Erholungszentrum Rheinauen, Hohenems, Austria, 20:00

Hurry!! Catch the show before groupies and media spoil it all!!

+++++ september/october 2008 +++++

LIVE Barcelona - As guest star on stage with the fabulous Bing Selfish and SuNray Jahchild, strumming the ukulele and also performing a few of his own songs: LAH

20.9.08 - Humanfuzz, Carrer Radas 41, Poble Sec, Barcelona, 22:00

The Babyzithers

LIVE Hall in Tirol - THE BABYZITHERS hit the stage surrounded by mountains. If you find yourself trapped in this rough spot, get some relief and see us in this beautiful hotspot!

16.10.08 - Stromboli, Krippgasse 11, Hall in Tirol, Austria, 21:00

+++++ august 2008 +++++

Berlin! DRYTOWN is coming!

Kosten Koper (BE) plays / joue DISKONO 017 + Bertin (NL) + films by Ben Ewart-Dean and Libre Albedrío

Saturday 16.8. @ Club "O Tannenbaum", Pflügerstrasse 79a, Berlin (U Schönlein / Hermannplatz) start 20:00

+++++ june 2008 +++++

Drytown Still Drytown Still

Filmlovers with that special taste! A Libre Albedrío double bill !! DRYTOWN and ANTONI ANTONI ANTONI are being shown at:

Associació Cultural Humanfuzz C/Radas, 41 (Metro PobleSec), Barcelona

SATURDAY/DISSABTE/SABADO 28 de June/Junio/Juny a les 20 h.-entrada gratuita- FREE !

+++++ february - may 2008 +++++


LIVE: 15.2. PMK - Bogen 19, Ing. Etzel-Str. 19, Innsbruck - 21:00
LIVE: 20.5. Konvikt Courtyard - Univerzity Palackeho - Konvikt, Univerzitni 3, Olomouc-CZ - 22:30

And a new LAHB soundtrack: LezzieFlick - animation artist Nana Swiczinsky's take on lesbian sexuality. Porn? In the best sense. article: ProPorn oder PorNo III by Nana Swiczinsky (in german) - To be seen on the following austrian festivals: tricky women Wien 27. - 29.3. and Diagonale Graz 1. - 5.4.

Mark those dates, you intrepid followers of what is good.

+++++ june 2007 +++++

Antoni Antoni Antoni Poster

World Premiere!!

Libre Albedrío presenta: ANTONI,ANTONI,ANTONI, a short film about art, fame and barbed wire. Starring Lonesome Andi Haller in the title-role as well as the great Bing Selfish and more impersonators of class.

Exploding Cinema, on Friday 15 June at the Half Moon pub, Herne Hill, London.

get the dvd in the shop

+++++ september 2006 +++++

Coticchio and LAH live

It's gonna be a long night from September the 9th to the 10th at the Corleone summer festival.

At the crack of dawn, finally, tutti gli amici di Lonesome Andi Haller Band and all the others who happen to still be hanging around have a chance to see Irene Coticchio and LAH himself glowing in the rising sun of Sicily and doing the Carmen Miranda/Bando da Lua thing. Late nighters, early birds: Che che che che che check it out!!!

10.09. - 6:30 in the morning - Villa Comunale Giovanni Paolo II, Corleone - Sicilia, Italy

+++++ february 2006 +++++

De Lady Poster

Before LAH and his lot are off again to shoot another flick under the catalonian sun, here are a few dates for a hearty farewell:

The Diva of the Banana movie - De Lady in de Tutti frutti Hat - Brasilian Singer Carmen Miranda was the highest paid women in the USA in the WW2 years, time of good neighbour policy with Latin America and tropicalismo musicals. See Irene Coticchio in this take of the theatre group TOXIC DREAMS on the magic of Busby Berkley and the eagerness to entertain.

Transposizing the original Songs into the 21st century: Lonesome Andi Haller with his Ukulele and his band of clones.

dieTheaterKonzerthaus, 8.-25.2. Tue-Sat 20:00, tickets 5870504, pay as you wish! Do reserve!

And finally - the Vienna premiere of DRYTOWN - Sun.26.2. 12:30pm - TOP Kino, Rahlgasse, 1060 Wien. Eu 5.- for you. After the film: DJane ShuShu. Bring your favourite gangster- or extraterrestrial-track and win a Drytown-DVD

+++++ october 2005 +++++

TOXIC DREAMS - Die Milosevics in Berlin:

6.-8.10. - 20 Uhr HAU 2 (HEBBEL AM UFER) Hallesches Ufer 32, 10963 Berlin, Tel 0049-(0)30 259004-0 - www.hebbel-theater.de

for more infos about the show go to the october 03 section

+++++ july 2005 +++++

Nightmares always have the best music. Go and find out: DO! Music - Sleep a Toxic Dreams Production. LiveMusic: Lonesome Andi Haller Band, Martin Siewert, Michael Strohmann, Superlooper

4.+5.7. 20Uhr, dieTheater Künstlerhaus, Karlsplatz 5, 1010 Wien

+++++ may 2005 +++++

upcoming London screenings of DRYTOWN:

02.05. ICA, The Mall, London, SW1Y 5AH. - 6.15pm-9.30pm. Venue: Cinema 2. Nash Room.
29.07. Exploding Cinema: Conway Hall - 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1, 8.30pm

+++++ august 2004 +++++

xterkyu 06 Cover

!!! NEW RELEASE !!! - finally on your personal Stereo: xterkyu06 - LAH and Bing Selfish whack out their first Single together. No Puedo Dejar de Pensar en Ti - Vidas Pasadas. Check it out in the shop and order NOW!

+++++ january 2004 +++++

Here comes the end of the Vienna season for LAHB - and this is how to participate: LAST ORDERS PLEASE - the second run of THE MILOSEVICS

Die.20. - Sa.24.1.2004 - in case you were too late for the tickets last time...
dietheater Künstlerhaus, Karlsplatz 5, 1010 Wien - in case you haven't seen it yet...
tickets +43 1 5870504 (reservation adviseable) - Pay As You Wish

more information - scroll down a bit to HERE

+++++ october 2003 +++++

The Milosevics Poster The Milosevics Foto

Vienna!! Austria!!! the unstoppable creativity output of the entity wearing the LAHB tag is pouring down on you like a derwish dancing giant chocolate cake in the golden autumn sun.

Not only will the most recent TV soundtrack work, artist portrait HEINZ CIBULKA, be beamed into all your culturally interested households soon (ORF2 - Son.7.12.- 23:15), but you can also catch us live on stage, providing songs for family harmony singing.

Ride the emotional peaks and vallies of a modern dictator's family life in DIE MILOSEVICS - a sitcom put onto theater stage by restless long time collaborators: the glorious TOXIC DREAMS around YOSI WANUNU.

For those of you anxious to sing along, come and sing! Be shure to hit the right notes though, Mrs Milosevic's chainsaw handling tends to be somewhat unpredictible...

Mo 3.11. - Sa 8.11. and Die 11.11. + Mi 12.11. 03 - 20:00 Uhr

+++++ june 2003: +++++

Hacen Vapor Flyer

Mientras estan rodando un cortometraje que será un homenaje a STALKER de Andrej Tarkowsky en el luz brillante del mediterráneo, Lonesome Andi Haller y Bing Selfish no se olviden de los aficionados de su música:

While shooting a short film hommage to Andrej Tarkovsky's classic STALKER in the glaring mediterranean sun, Lonesome Andi Haller and Bing Selfish haven't forgot about all you fans of their music:

HACEN VAPOR vuelven a los bares de buen gusto con su nuevo programa de canciones inolvidables:

HACEN VAPOR hit the stage again playing their eyewatering songs in these bars with good taste:

Domingo 8.6. 14:00 - BODEGA SALTÓ - C/Blesa 36 - Poble Sec - Barcelona

Sabado 14.6. 21:00 - ELÉCTRIC - Travessera de Gracia 233 - Barcelona

+++++ november 2001: +++++


out now on disco b/seperator: Hans Platzgumer - Denial of Service
including "captain solitude", a collaborational remix of Lonesome Andi Haller track "El Capitan" (LAHB/ xterkyu 05)

contact: info[at]xterkyu.net

©2023 xterkyu