Libre Albedrío is based in Barcelona
Libre Albedrío is Mauro Devoto, Bing Selfish, Lonesome Andi Haller, Ramon Prat and a thousand others
Libre Albedrío is a digital hand camera
Libre Albedrío don't care about producers, writers, directors, money or a lack of resources etc.
Libre Albedrío believe imagination is power
Libre Albedrío say you can do it if you really want

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A storm brewing up:

DRYTOWN is inside us all - streets full of hopes and fears. DRYTOWN is rolling down stairs while an invisible dog barks. It's extortion mixed with extraterrestrial love and the desire to set up a small or medium sized business. DRYTOWN is the gangster inside us all, whispering that nothing is ever really what you think it is and that between the cracks in the pavement, there lie even stranger power struggles.
The plot - In a shady district of Barcelona, a couple of gangsters vie for power. One likes his plane spotting, the other his philosophy. God, if it weren't for the upwardly mobile extraterrestrials and the oblique observations of the plainpeople we might be living in the real world.

The cast: Bing Selfish, Lonesome Andi Haller, Oriol Pont, Iñaki Julián, Irene Coticchio, El Rolf,... and many more

a review: ... "Drytown is eternal. And because it is, it can try everything. It can be static or flexible. Drytown doesn't care. All it wants is change." - Johannes Grenzfurthner, - read the wole review here (pdf in german)

DRYTOWN, Libre Albedrío, Catalunya/Spain, 2005, DV/BetaSp, Color, 40min - available on DVD

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